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Dental Cleaning Treatments for you

Nothing quite matches the look or feeling of really clean teeth, like when you’ve been for a check-up. Try as we may, even a good brushing doesn’t seem to do the job – because no matter how well you brush, stains can always build up from things like tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco. So how can you make sure your smile always looks its best?

We have a range of advanced professional dental cleaning treatments, from a simple step up from a ‘scrape and polish’ to an exceptionally thorough clean including re-contouring of your fillings.

Revive Shine Dental Cleaning Treatments

For more details or to book any of our Revive Shine Treatments, simply speak to your dentist or call the surgery.

Brilliant Clean £40.00  This is a simple and rapid treatment. It will thoroughly clean your teeth and will remove the stains caused by tea, coffee and red wine.

Radiant Air Clean £70.00 This state-of-the-art air polishing is for a really deep clean. It removes additional stains such as tannin and tobacco.

Luminous Clean £150.00 This is the ultimate Revive Shine Dental Cleaning Treatment. It is carried out by your dentist and combines cleaning techniques with re-contouring fillings. This is so effective that patients often prefer this to spending thousands on changing their full smile!

Even if you are not due to see your dentist, you can still have a special dental cleaning treatment.

Just call your practice and the team on Reception will talk you through it.

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