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Pain from toothache?

Toothache Day falls on Saturday 9th February this year. Toothache is certainly not something to be celebrated. It’s a painful problem that should not be ignored. This annual day is all about building awareness and helping people learn how to avoid the pain in the first place or deal with it when it occurs.

What’s the proper name for toothache?

Did you know that toothache’s proper name is odontalgia? Reasons for suffering from it vary from losing a filling or breaking a tooth to gum disease. It can be really hard to know which tooth is affected. It may feel as if all the pain is in your jaw or even feel more like earache.

Whatever you call it, if you have suffered from it or if you have it now, you will know that it can be a really debilitating condition. As well as making it difficult to eat or drink, it can be bad enough to stop you sleeping and even going out in a cold wind can be absolutely miserable. Fortunately, in many cases, it’s preventable.

How do you avoid toothache in the first place?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the best way of avoiding toothache. When pain strikes however, it very rarely gets better on its own. If you neglect it, you may end up with a dental abscess which is to be avoided if at all possible.

With toothache, my advice is always to seek dental advice. If you are in severe pain, or have an abscess or swelling, broken or loose teeth then you probably need emergency dental treatment.

If you are suffering with uncontrollable toothache or an abscess and you live in the Salford, Manchester or Trafford area but do not have a regular NHS dentist, the Revive Dental care team will try and help you. At Revive, we have a limited number of emergency appointments available every day. While we give priority to our registered patients, we will always try and help anyone who comes to us in pain and is not registered with an NHS dentist. We are open five days a week Monday-Friday 8am to 5.45pm. Call us on the following numbers:

Ancoats                 0161 274 1655
Davyhulme           0161 746 9029
Bexley Square      0161 834 5166
Monton                 0161 789 1557