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Dental health -18 extraordinary stats

National Smile Month, a campaign run by The Oral Health Foundation, is raising awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy smile. Did you know that it takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 to smile? To mark National Smile Month 2018, here are 18 more extraordinary statistics about dental health to chew over.

  1. One in four adults admit they don’t brush their teeth twice a day, including a third of men
  2. Brushing only once a day means you are 33% more likely to develop tooth decay
  3. One in ten admit they regularly forget to brush their teeth
  4. One in five of us can’t remember when we last changed our toothbrush
  5. One in three people have never flossed their teeth
  6. 29% of us suffer from regular dental pain
  7. 31% of adults have tooth decay
  8. A quarter of adults admit they have not visited a dentist in the past two years
  9. Around 40% of children do not visit the dentist buy generic viagra australia each year
  10. Around 2% of the population have never visited a dentist
  11. More than a quarter of adults only visit their dentist when they have a problem
  12. Almost half of UK adults have a fear of the dentist
  13. Women are more likely to suffer from extreme dental anxiety than men
  14. 31% of adults have tooth decay
  15. 66% of adults have visible plaque
  16. Over 4/5 of the UK population have at least one filling, with seven fillings being the average
  17. Nearly half the population are unhappy with their teeth
  18. Mouth cancer is the tenth most common cancer in men and 15th most common in women in the UK.

Regular visits to a dentist are an essential part of maintaining good dental health. Revive Dental Care welcomes new NHS patients to join us at our practices in Monton, Davyhulme, Bexley Square Salford and Ancoats.