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Customer Satisfaction – the best bit about dentistry by Ben Adamson

Davyhulme Circle based Dentist Ben Adamson says that customer satisfaction is the best bit about dentistry.

The most important thing to remember is to put the patients’ interests first. This is outlined in the number one guideline from our governing body the GDC (General Dental Council).

A dentist’s job is to give you all the options available, for every course of treatment we encounter.  However, we do not make the treatment decisions. We can only advise you on the risks and benefits of these options. You make the decision and we will always put the patient’s interests above our own.  

Without doubt, it is a great feeling to receive good feedback for any work that we do, It doesn’t matter how simple or complex the procedure.  We ask all our patients for a “friends and family” questionnaire after a routine examination appointment. All patients can complete these feedback forms and it’s important to us. Because it is great to know that a patient is happy with the treatment they received. 

Customer Satisfaction Feedback  

customer satisfaction