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Oral health focus

After months of suffering severe facial pain as a result of several undiagnosed abscesses, 41 year old Anne is finally on the road to recovery following a lengthy course of complicated root canal treatment. Her new dentist, Dr Ben Atkins, was keen to improve Anne’s general level of oral hygiene to try to avoid the need for further dental intervention and to ensure she would keep her teeth, rather than facing the horror of needing multiple extractions. Read Anne’s story here to find out more. 

Owing to the high levels of pain she had suffered over an extended period of time, Anne had really struggled with trying to maintain a good level of oral hygiene as her mouth was too painful to brush her teeth. Anne spent time with an Extended Duties Dental Nurse (EDDN) to show her how to improve her own oral healthcare. In line with NHS guidelines which focus on better prevention leading to a reduction in invasive treatment, once a significant improvement has been achieved, then a treatment plan can be introduced.

Remember that the basics of maintaining good oral health are easy:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with an adult toothpaste
  • Make cleaning fun  – pick a favourite tune that lasts two minutes as your cleaning song!
  • Don’t rinse with water after brushing, this will cause the fluoride to be rinsed away
  • Keep your sugar intake low and look out for the hidden sugars in things like dried fruit and smoothies
  • Try fresh fruit, cheese and milk; rather than dried fruit, fizzy drinks and sugar based foods
  • Keep anything sweet to meal times, reducing the frequency of sugar intake makes a massive difference.

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