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Public Health Support From Trafford Council

Public Health Support from Trafford CouncilThis week we saw a new piece of Public Health support from Trafford Council. Because our Davyhulme Circle practice falls within this Council area and we are delighted to publicise this initiative.

Your Health leaflet, is a document that signposts residents to local support. This support can help improve both physical and mental health. The services are nearly all self-referring and are free to access. They offer a range of different support styles. These include online tools, telephone helplines and face to face meetings and groups.

Public Health Support from Trafford Council – How it can help

The support is designed to help stop smoking and help achieve a healthier weight. There is also help become more physically active and to manage drug or alcohol problems. Finally there is help deal with emotional or mental health problems.

We have made sure that all our staff are familiar with these services and will be able to direct patients to this new Public Health Support from Trafford Council, if appropriate. You can access the leaflet below, and there is also a useful link  to Trafford Council’s Health and Well Being webpage.

Your Health and lifestyle in Trafford 2017

(Trafford Council’s Health and Well Being Webpage)