June 28, 2017 0 Comments

Crisps are better for your teeth than raisins – no kidding!

Is it true that crisps are better for your teeth than raisins? Yes, according to a recent article in The Sunday Times. The article, written by Health Editor, Sarah-Kate Templeton, featured quotes from our Clinical Director Dr Ben Atkins.  Because of salt and fat, parents often put dried fruit in their children’s lunchboxes. It is seen as a healthy and tasty alternative to crisps. But beware; when it comes to their oral health it may be doing some real harm.

Dried fruit, such as raisins, are very high in sugar, which we all know spells bad news for our teeth. As the drying process breaks down the cellular structure of the fruit, it releases more internal sugars. However, the real problem comes from their stickiness.

The major danger with dried fruit comes when they stick to teeth as this causes prolonged acid attacks and the teeth don’t have any time to recover. Snacking on dried fruit too often leads to tooth decay. Tooth decay means that teeth need to be filled. In the worst cases the teeth are extracted!

Crisps are better for your teeth than raisins!

When it comes to looking after their teeth I personally would rather pack my own children off to school with a small bag of crisps over some dried fruits as they do not have as much potential to cause severe oral health damage. But there are obviously other major health issues related to their high levels of salt and fat. So yes, crisps are better for your teeth than raisins. However, I would ideally forgo both of these in my kids lunchbox. Why not pack cheese, raw vegetables, fresh fruit or a small handful of nuts, instead?.